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Always & forever

2 Layer

You can select a different color for each part of a UL Exclusive Two-Part Expression or a Two-Part Theme Pack. When ordering a two-part expression or theme pack, select one color for part one and another color for part two. Two-Part Expressions come in two separate pieces and are applied one piece at a time. For instructions on applying Two-Part Expressions to your wall or surface, visit the Application Instructions section of our website.


Create your own unique text expressions or enhance UL Exclusive Expressions using our online industry-leading MyDesign™ Tool. Work with various colors, unique fonts, and your own words to create your very own MyDesign expression. The MyDesign icon [include MyDesign icon here] identifies UL Exclusive Expressions that are completed or enhanced using an expression you create using the MyDesign Tool. We have provided the suggested font and letter size for you to use on the MyDesign Tool. (When you use a MyDesign Expression to enhance or complete a UL Exclusive Expression, the MyDesign portion of the expression is priced separately and will come as a separate piece. Apply the UL Exclusive portion and MyDesign portion to your surface just as you would apply a Two-Part Expression, one piece at a time.)


Always & forever

Current Wall Color      

To visualize how your expression will look on your wall, select your wall color from the palette below. First, select the color family from the vertical scroll bar on the right, then select the exact color from the large square on the left by clicking on the appropriate color with your cursor.

Selecting a wall color background will also help you view a white or light colored expression.

Color Options

We offer many beautiful UL colors for you to choose from. Once you select a color from the drop down menu, your selected color will be displayed above.

If you are ordering a Two-Part Expression, select two colors (one for part one and one for part two), using the display to ensure that you have selected the correct color for each part.

Remember that actual color will vary from the color displayed on your screen. Contact your Demonstrator for actual color samples.

Part 1

Part 2

  Mirror Image  

Check this box if you would like your expression or embellishment mirrored, or reversed. (Mirroring allows you to flip an embellishment or to create an expression or embellishment that will be applied to the inside of a window but will be viewed from the outside of the window.)

Size Options

Most of our expressions come in multiple sizes. Select the size you would like to order from the options shown below. Please note that the size listed indicates the overall size from widest point to widest point by width and height.


Width x Height



18" x 3"
36" x 5.75"
48" x 7.75"